Oh Amy, You’re The Worst Even Though You Wore A Mask

Well unless you live under a rock you have probably seen the news about the woman in NYC that called the police after an avid birder asked her to politely put her dog on the leash. You may be...

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It’s Memorial Day and I hope you’re still social distancing with your masks on!  Do you know the History of Memorial Day? Now you do! What did you learn? Tell a friend! If you are out and about with no mask, I’m assuming it’s because you want a big crowd at your...

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A Little Slice of Our Quarantine Life

    Our first Thursday guest post and it’s coincidentally our wedding anniversary!  It’s our first anniversary in quarantine and it probably won’t be our last. I say that because when we walk our dog, Coco Cabeza, people are not wearing masks or actually...

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What is a Sh*t Storm?

Wednesday! Whoo hoo! Hump Day, but there is no humpin’ around here! Single mom, head of household and school teacher during a pandemic =no loving for this woman. Just because I’m a head… doesn’t mean I don’t like- Pardon if my posts seem a little wild but I have been...

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New Mask, Who Dis?

I'm your Tuesday Post Host! Tuesday’s child has far to go! And I am here to start your day in a very positive way! First up; do a little stretch, no matter where you are! Unless you’re reading this on the crapper, in which case um, never mind.  I have changed my...

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Are You Afraid of Covid-19?

Monday's Post Host Ramona aka Struggle Bangs. Yes I am scared to go in this restaurant, and yes I am afraid of being too close to people especially if they don't have masks on. And no I don't want to dine in this establishment, nor have the people that took their...

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I’m Ramona But You Can Call Me Struggle Bangs

When Alchemy reached out to see if I wanted to be a model for their Physical Distancing Collection, I jumped at the chance, I mean not literally, I’m just a head, but I was really thrilled to have the chance to put myself out there, behind my mask. Living alone during...

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Panny is Short for Pandemic

I never thought I would be a model! I only write about them. Did you know most agencies won’t let you get ahead if you’re just a head? Being head of my department allows me to  elevate the voices of so many incredible up and coming writers. I’ll be your Alchemist...

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Homework is for Jerks!

I’m Candice, Candice Berrenger and I’m your Wednesday Girl! I’ve never written a blog before! I have my students creating online content for school assignments and what’s good for the student is good for the teacher, right? I really want to share my new Twitter Poetry...

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Love (like the Coronavirus) is In the Air

Hello! Annabeth here! My husband and I have decided to take turns writing this blog. Every Thursday we are going to tell you how to keep your marriage strong in the face of this crisis, you'll want to get ahead of your inevitable problems.  I am starting a...

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Harriet Lewis & The Snooze

If you don’t know what day of the week it is, you will know it’s Friday if I’m writing the blog posts for Alchemy! I miss serving all my favorite customers but I will be serving up hot looks and cool tunes every Friday RIGHT HERE. I will post some of my favorite...

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Power to All the People (Even in A Pandemic)

Are you registered to vote? If not click here Did you know that voting is a right not a privilege? Do you think that we can make a difference in our day to day by electing officials that represent  ALL the people? Then Saturday is going to be the day you won’t...

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It’s All About MEME!

Sunday Fundays on the Alchemy Blog are where it is AT. I, Simon Wexler, not to be confused with Jessie Williams,(which happens way more than you think when I have my hair short) will be making sure that on Sundays you’re at your church, whatever church means to...

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Meet the Press*

*We are not the press. We are mask models that blog about the first thing that comes into our heads. Meet Our Model Blogging Team!  They are way ahead of the curve!  At Alchemy we love to share stories, we believe in the...

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