Thursday Post Co Host Mrs. Evans

Thursday Post Co-Host Mr. Evans


Our first Thursday guest post and it’s coincidentally our wedding anniversary! 

It’s our first anniversary in quarantine and it probably won’t be our last. I say that because when we walk our dog, Coco Cabeza, people are not wearing masks or actually physically distancing. Kids are playing with each other, doing sleepovers, having picnics in the parks and just generally not understanding they can die or kill their families. My kids know that mommy smokes and daddy has asthma so we are at higher risk. Before you judge my horrible disgusting vice, just know I became addicted to cigarettes as a teenager and I have tried to quit and have never had success. It’s a monkey on my back that I know will likely kill me. I’m generally okay with dying from it because I also think I could die anytime, get hit by a bus or whatever…But there is something about knowing that I could avoid this bug if I wear a mask,  stay away from people, wipe down my groceries and stay prayed up. So smoke em’ if you got em’ but in your yard or on your patio or garage- not at public place, not even an intimate dinner party you idiots and for FFS Stay in your DAMN dksluufhcjbdgldkfghvlkhjfgviuhkvckj 

OKAAAY that’s enough from Annabeth! It’s Nick on the mic now!

(rapping badly) 

Bob your head along with me 

and let me tell you activities

You should NOT suggest on 

your anniversary!  

That was great honey-

Wait! I’m not done this is that last part! It’s my gift to you! 

(rapping badly again)

Especially if you forgot temporarily

that it was your anniversary 

because what is time ,even? 

That was beautiful, your raps are really improving. And those are good things to do honey, just not on our anniversary. We can redo our will, and do our taxes some other time! We have plenty of time! 

Wait this is really the last part babe let me finish!

(continues rapping badly)

Annabeth, you’re my best friend.

I love you from your head to your neck

and I’m gonna give you a bushel and peck! 

You’re the queen to my page

and my best friend in this house

because we are the same age!

Dude, come on, you know I’m younger than you. Please don’t spread misinformation. 

Babe, we were born the same year!

In different months! It’s a good think I’m in charge of homeschooling because you can’t figure out that a person born after you is younger.  Where’s my real gift?

I ordered you one of these malas but it hasn’t come yet. I’m sorry. But you won’t know which one until it arrives so that’s a surprise!

Awww babe, I love you.

I love you too.

Secret to a tolerable marriage in any circumstance: Laughing your head off is better than biting your spouse’s head off. Also gifts can go a long way! 


Annabeth & Nick 

P.S. Next week we’ll post pictures of our dog, Coco Cabeza. But not our kids. We are sick of them.