Monday’s Post Host Ramona aka Struggle Bangs.

Yes I am scared to go in this restaurant, and yes I am afraid of being too close to people especially if they don’t have masks on. And no I don’t want to dine in this establishment, nor have the people that took their grannies and meemaws out for brunch yesterday, in the grocery stores and other essential places. But this is real.

The people in Castle Rock just big kicking it yesterday on Mother’s Day  with no masks. I might be in over my head but I don’t I don’t like it. 

C&C, a brunch cafe in Castle Rock, opened on Mother’s Day against Tri-County Health orders. Owner said she has been open for seven years and this is almost double a typical Mother’s Day. No concern for wearing masks, social distancing, public health hazard, she said.

Posted by Nick Puckett on Sunday, May 10, 2020

I’m curious about what other people are doing? Are you getting your hair and nails done? Dining out? Seeing friends? I want to know because I am doing none of those things. I am staying home as long as possible. I’m not saying that’s what you should do, but that’s what I am going to do so toodle loo!

But in the meantime I am getting so domesticated! I am “making” (when I say I am “making” something, I mean I have not made it. I might make it one day)making my own disinfecting wipes and crackers. Dassit. Nothing more. I am also thinking about how the country is opening too soon. .

I totally get WHY people are out, but not why they won’t wear masks. I wouldn’t be caught dead outside without my mask. Especially this beautiful floral print! 

I know they don’t offer 100% protection but it’s better than nothing!  It’s baffling! Seeing this made me think that there will probably be another period of time of lockdowns. Which made me feel more anxious so I have been really trying to center myself through breathing and smoking weed. I KNOW I SHOULDN’T SMOKE WEED so I also eat it. It’s fine. I like a good head high! 

 I can’t control what other people do, but I can make sure I wear a mask and I can stay in as much as possible! I work from home and no one is sure when the library will open up again. I think there will be some bookmobile action and curbside pick ups coming down the pike but for now, we are still closed. 

Which brings us to Monday Fun Day! I’m starting a Survivalist book club for the library but with a twist! Everyone can share their ideas on how to build an ideal society, a Utopia if you will, based on what you perceive as  successful and useful ideas you get from the books.  

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This book is not just about how to survive, it’s a book about motherhood and I loved it so much. This book is a  blueprint of how we should be preparing for the new world. Learning how to grow things, seeking people who have the skills and abilities needed for a world in which perhaps, we value people over profit. It’s about building a community built to care about each other. I don’t want to give you any spoilers but what I got from this book is a vision of what a world can look like as it is collapsing and what we can do RIGHT NOW to rise from the ashes. It involves gardening and not giving men any power. Just think about it. Cities are crumbling and the end is nigh! The preparations and decisions we make now can be the road to a new way of living. -RBG (Not Ruther Bader GInsburg Ramona Black-Goldstein)

 Ugh, but I don’t even have a boyfriend so maybe I don’t want to go live out in the woods. I gotta get my head right. 
Also, make sure you have plenty of masks! You should be washing them everytime you come in!