*We are not the press. We are mask models that blog about the first thing that comes into our heads. Meet Our Model Blogging Team!  They are way ahead of the curve! 

“Struggle Bangs”Ramona Black-Goldstein aka “Struggle Bangs” is your Monday girl! Ramona will keep you updated on what she’s reading, cooking and thinking about(besides the obvious, that she will never cut her own bangs again).  If you have ever wanted to get into the head of  half Black, half Jewish girl from Westchester, you’ll love her posts!

“Mel Before”Melanie Alicia Michaels “Mel Before”  is our Tuesday gal, she stays up to date on what the kids are doing to make sure her magazine stays relevant. She knows what’s going on with the teenagers and the Tik Tok!

“BabyCakes”Candice Berrenger aka “BabyCakes” is your Wednesday writer. Lucky for you she’s also a school marm so she keeps it short, sweet and informative. Her poetry will take your breath six feet away. She also has great ideas on what to do with your school aged children; spoiler alert- it is NOT eat them.

Momster”Annabeth Evans the “Momster” (and her husband Nick Evans) will keep your Thursdays full of tips and tricks to staying married with children during a pandemic. Annabeth is the former homeschool mom you love to hate! She makes it look too easy, but don’t worry she’s not into mom shaming, she’s into sharing her methods and her monstrous children.

“Home Haircut”Harriet “Home Haircut” Lewis   is your girl Friday! Fridays are all about fun. Even if there is no fun to be had. Fun will be had. Harriet’s music and hilarious lyrics will keep YOU ALIVE, if not well.

“Madame President”Lorena MacKenzie, “Madame President”,  is our political voice! Her mouth might be covered in public, but her voice will be heard here on Saturdays! If you have ever considered running for office she will probably both inspire and discourage you. She keeps it real, if you want to get ahead in the polls.

“Fake Jessie Williams”If you’re in church or not, Sundays is when Simon Wexler our own Jessie Williams look alike, will be taking over the blog. He’s head of his bike polo team and will be sharing his favorite memes. Maybe some other stuff, but mostly memes. People need to just chill on Sundays. We meme it.

At Alchemy we love to share stories, we believe in the power of art to bring people together. Art uplifts our spirits and our minds.This blog is a place to laugh and connect in addition to learning about our products, projects, community events(online for now), artists we love  and other bits of whimsy through the eyes of our mask model bloggers.  If your eyes are reading this, we hope they are crinkled up, making laugh lines for your future face.