I’m Candice, Candice Berrenger and I’m your Wednesday Girl! I’ve never written a blog before! I have my students creating online content for school assignments and what’s good for the student is good for the teacher, right? I really want to share my new Twitter Poetry Collection : Love in the Time of the Rona, it’s romantic couplets for the quarantined singlet.  I haven’t actually made my tweets public yet because I am SO nervous about really putting myself out there. But Alchemy is such a safe place and I feel so loved here and I know that people want me to get creative so…enjoy!

I used to love the f*&# out of  my Gym

Now I can’t go f*#* ing anywhere to swim.  

You and I will never be together 

I don’t care if you got “that cheddar” .

Um, they will get better. I think. 

Because right now, they stink.