When Alchemy reached out to see if I wanted to be a model for their Physical Distancing Collection, I jumped at the chance, I mean not literally, I’m just a head, but I was really thrilled to have the chance to put myself out there, behind my mask. Living alone during this shutdown has been so stressful. I have anxiety in normal conditions but this is taking it up a notch. 

I’m not planning on going back to life as normal, but I am planning what my life will look like going forward and what community will look like in the future. I hope that by sharing my experience, you can be part of my story too!

I really like this picture for some reason, maybe it’s my necklace I don’t know.

This one time in quarantine I cut my own bangs. I knew I shouldn’t have done it. I think the stress of the pandemic and the lockdown made me like, regress or something, I just thought I would look so cute, like Ramona Quimby Age 8. There were no available copies for download so… Everyone told me to put the scissors down but I just kept thinking it will look great! It didn’t. I have regrets. I also have a slow cooker! Do you? If the answer is yes here is a brisket recipe I tried! Tell me if you like it! If you don’t have a slow cooker try baking these rosemary crackers instead, it’s super easy and once you put cheese on them they taste just fine. Even if you don’t cook them quite long enough and they come out all chewy.

 Feel free to leave comments! Keep it clean though, my parents read this, I think my sister has a secret Facebook account and told them that I had started modeling. At first I was embarrassed to be doing a job based on my looks, because my parents have always said I have a great head on my neck but it’s fun and I love all the masks so much!

Wait is today Monday? I don’t know what day it is anymore, do you? It better be Monday because that really is my fun day.