Sunday Fundays on the Alchemy Blog are where it is AT. I, Simon Wexler, not to be confused with Jessie Williams,(which happens way more than you think when I have my hair short) will be making sure that on Sundays you’re at your church, whatever church means to you,  For me, it’s bike polo and I miss it so much. I was head of my team. I’ll be posting creative fitness plans for you and your family if you have one. If you don’t have a family, I am single and ready to mingle but only from a distance ladies and gentleman. Yes, you read that right.  Ladies AND Gentleman. Oh and my hidden talent is finding the BEST MEMES. THE BEST. I’m ready to enter my dad joke phase in case I don’t end up having kids, I might quit while I’m still ahead!

Photo Credit: Rebekah Henderson
Terrible Photoshop credit: Simon Wexler

I saw this one and while I take the climate crisis and covid-19 crisis very seriously, I could not help but LOL. Sometimes it bees like that, y’know?