I’m your Tuesday Post Host!

Tuesday’s child has far to go! And I am here to start your day in a very positive way! First up; do a little stretch, no matter where you are! Unless you’re reading this on the crapper, in which case um, never mind. 

I have changed my life.  As you know I am no longer the same  Mel as before this horrific waking nightmare of being trapped in my apartment 24 hours a day with my cats. Which we KNOW WILL EAT MY FACE IF I DIE IN HERE ALONE. I am a new woman.

A woman who is afraid of dying. A woman who is irritated that other people are not more afraid of dying. I am a woman with a platform and I will say unto you, stay home if you can and physical distance as much as possible and wear your  mask! I just had to get that off my neck. 

Sunday’s Mother’s Day  “Freedom Brunch” in Castle Rock  made headlines as a restaurant owner in Colorado posted “No Masks, No Problem” as part of its health code violation brunch on Sunday May 10, 2020. The Tri County health department revoked their license indefinitely.

But that was the past, today is Tuesday! It’s the second day of the week in a country that is beginning to open up and the mask debate is raging on.  For me, it’s not much of a debate, I know that there is a danger in us getting “too comfortable” with these masks and relaxing our physical distance, but as a brand ambassador for a company that has switched the majority of its resources to mask making, well.  I say, put your mask on! And take it off when you get home and wash it.

I love this new pattern ,spring in NYC is beautiful and so is this mask.

It goes perfectly with my ears which it doesn’t chafe because it goes over the back of my beautiful head.

Is wearing a mask a surefire way to prevent covid-19? Nope. Does Alchemy make a big profit from masks? Not really. But do we think people should wear them? Yes!  Does it decrease the risk? According to science, not breathing in people’s faces prevents all kinds of respiratory infections. I’ve been to Japan many times, they wear masks regularly and not for fashion, for disease prevention. If both parties are covering their face and pass each other, odds are lower for transmission. Unless of course we find out next week it has invisible tendrils that attach to our hair or something. Can we all just acknowledge that the virus as the great Diana Ross, once sang,has got us turned upside down, inside out?  

It’s always changing, but for now let’s go with what the experts are recommending and common sense.

Don’t you wish Susan in accounting was wearing a mask when she was sneezing and coughing all over your office the day they came back from the cruise? Don’t you wish that burrito makers and poke bowl makers were wearing masks before the pandemic? I do.  

Would I send my kid to school in a mask if I had a kid? Maybe? But probably not. But would I even have a kid? Unlikely. What I’m trying to say is; I’m not comfortable enough to go to the store without my face covered but let’s keep it real, I never went to the store before the lockdown. I write the “I Get It Delivered” column LOL!  

If you’re like me, (which you’re probably not, I mean how many heads like me are just rolling around the fashion industry?) You may  have wondered, should I be on Tik Tok? If you’re saying what is Tik Tok? Well Dear Reader, I  am the bearer of good news! Tik Toks are short videos. That’s it. 

As to whether you should or shouldn’t be tik toking, ask your teenage child. Whatever your child says, is the right  answer for you. If you do not have a teenager in your life, fear not, while I am not technically a teenager myself I do know what the kids are getting into and it involves dancing, pranks and racism

 So make sure you stay up to date on what your child is doing online. Also it’s a free country (for now) so hop on the Tik Tok if that’s your calling.  P.S. a weighted blanket is actually very comforting especially for social isolation.