I never thought I would be a model! I only write about them. Did you know most agencies won’t let you get ahead if you’re just a head? Being head of my department allows me to  elevate the voices of so many incredible up and coming writers. I’ll be your Alchemist on Tik Tok Tuesdays! I’ll keep you up to date on what’s going on with the young people. This information will be highly useful to those of you parenting teenagers during the pandemic and bonus :free Tik Tok Tips for people of all ages! Here’s my fav from this week! Inspired by seeing this awesome project from Oakland based artist Favianna Rodriguez Protect the post office(and not just because I need my magazines mailed but because I would love all mail in ballots!)

And Yes. I am Mel Before, I know it went viral.

I’m fine tho. I mean, as fine as one can be in a panny! That’s what the kids call the pandemic for short. Just kidding. That’s what I call it. I see my therapist, once a week over the interwebs!