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Wednesday! Whoo hoo! Hump Day, but there is no humpin’ around here! Single mom, head of household and school teacher during a pandemic =no loving for this woman. Just because I’m a head… doesn’t mean I don’t like-

Pardon if my posts seem a little wild but I have been doing my best to stay upbeat for myself and my kid.

It’s hard.

If you’re trying to work from home and parent during this pandemic, well I want you to know that I am here for you. I meant not literally, I’m mainly here to sell masks but I’m also here to help you realize you’re doing great! Even if you’re not doing great: great is relative. 

All of us are going through something that is new, NOVEL if you will. And there is no blueprint to providing educational instruction to your child during a pandemic.  Many schools are moving to online curriculum and the future of all in person learning is tenuous at this time.

As a public headucator,  I know parents are worried about their children’s education and as a parent myself I know I am worried that I am ruining my kid.  However, the truth is, deep breath everyone! We have to do what is best for our child at this time and if you want to say F*&@^ school and hope for the best, I give you permission! Just remember you’re taking advice from a head with perfect bangs! 

Candice Berrenger Future Famous Head

And also, please remember, your kid will catch up, their mental health and your mental health should be your top priority. In fact, if you’re into art and loving on yourself  I will be attending this Creative Strategies for Change  workshop! It’s an interactive workshop centering creative wellness. 

An Interactive workshop centering creative wellness

Registration Required on Eventbrite but no one turned away for lack of funds.


FULL DISCLOSURE one of my dear friends and former lovers is on the board of Creative Strategies For Change, however, I have attended their teacher trainings in the past and I %100 vouch for their incredible work. No head games, they are excellent. 

It’s a whole new world for many of us. Set that against the backdrop of the possibility of contracting a deadly virus, in addition to  physical and social isolation. WHOOOHEEEE we have a recipe for what is technically known as a sh*t storm.

Typically we think of sh*t storms as a series of events that can ruin your life and or career. I am here to tell you, sheltering in place,  working from home and being a single parent with no other parent in the picture; truly is a shit storm. Trust me, I know what I am talking about, I am a professional educator with a masters degree(and sometimes poor grammar) I KNOW WHAT A SHIT STORM IS.   

Your assignment  dear parents/teachers is simple.  Teach your kid a new word that will serve them well each week! This week’s word for you(and possibly your child, depending on what kind of parent you are) is shit storm.  




noun: shit-storm

  1. a situation marked by violent controversy.
  2. a disaster, scandal, or catastrophic controversy:

Now you try and use it in a sentence!  Share this post with your sentence on any social media and tag Boshek for a chance to…well I would say win something but I haven’t discussed that with management but I am sure there is some way for us to thank you for reading and writing! 

And parents, try to keep your head up.

We’re all in this separately, but together.