We are Women.

We are creating opportunities and community.


Our Masks are beautiful.

Washable with filter insert made with love…and a little cussing. 

        And Oh So Wearable!

                                                                                                                                                                             We also donate One mask for Every Two We Sell

Sew…without further adieu, we present our physical distancing collection.


Further adieu (sorry) the employee page… Our Models are Paid a Fair Wage and Hazard pay for the work they do. We are also proud to say they all live with the founder of the company and she has cancelled their rent! In addition, we provide them with an outlet for their creativity. It’s so easy to get a head at Alchemy Co. Follow our blog to stay informed with all the juicy office gossip and to stay on top of what’s new at Boshek! Coming soon…

Ramona Black-Goldstein

Ramona Black-Goldstein

Bibliophile Chef


The vivid floral bouquet mask is being beautifully showcased by the lovely Ramona or as we affectionately like to call her, “Struggle Bangs” 

Her hobbies prior to the lockdown included, reading and writing but she’s not so hot on the ‘rithmetic! She’s a lifelong learner by nature and now knows never to cut bangs, even in a pandemic. 

Words of Wisdom:  You should be at home physical distancing but if you need to get essentials… a mask only covers the bottom half of your face so hide the scissors! 

Harriet Lewis

Harriet Lewis

Waitress, Singer SongWriter

Our singer songwriter model Harriet Lewis is absolutely stunning in the de los muertos {day of the dead} mask! The colors make her eyes pop but you shouldn’t be close enough to know what color her eyes are anyway she wants you to back up! Harriet is one of our favorite  up and coming parody song artists as seen in GQ magazine (General Quarantine, not to be confused with Gentleman’s Quarterly). Her pre quarantine hobbies included going to live concerts and traveling the world. Now she is focused on her first solo album:Rona Street: Songs in the Key of Lockdown

Words of Wisdom: Back the F%@$ up! The further apart we are now, the shorter the time we are apart.

Candice Berrenger

Candice Berrenger

English Teacher, Poet


The kitty cat masks will take you back to the days of yore. Candice aka “BabyCakes” is our favorite San Francisco treat. She knows all about being locked down in a beautiful town. Candice spends her days trying to teach her middle school students about literature via online learning. Her main hobby is writing but she has taken her talents to late night Twitter during the Coronavirus Crisis.  

Words of Wisdom: Those who can’t do, teach. And those who teach don’t just teach, they are doing all kinds of amazing things for your child and your whole family. Where are your kids usually at when you are at work? Same place my kid usually is, SCHOOL.

Annabeth & Nick Evans

Annabeth & Nick Evans

Stay at home FOREVER Mom, homeschool teacher, reluctant chef

The lipstick pink polka dot mask works great on whatever your prefered gender  fashion aesthetic is! As you can see this one looks great on everyone, and it totally distracts from the haircut that Mrs. Evan(left) has given Mr. Evans during their physical distancing family isolation. These high school sweethearts are now married with children and don’t you think they are adorable in their matching masks?

Words of Wisdom: Matching masks for the whole family are a must! You really make a statement, and that statement is; my family cares about your family and  we hope you don’t get sick from us just in case we are asymptomatic!

Melanie Alicia Michaels

Melanie Alicia Michaels

Magazine Editor, Stand Up Comedian


The ocean blues batik masks. It makes her feel calm.  We affectionately like to call her, “Mel Before” Remember when she went viral for this video? 

Her hobbies include, long walks around her apartment, seeing if she can spot birds from her balcony, and designing clothes to be worn when she goes back to work, someday. Mel is a lucky one and has been able to keep her editing job and is working from home. 

Words of Wisdom: Never be afraid of the power clash when it comes to clothing patterns.  NEVER. NOT EVEN IN A PANDEMIC.

Lorena MacKenzie

Lorena MacKenzie

Community Organizer, Bad B*tch

The Burberry inspired mask is seen here on Lorena MacKenzie! When we asked her to participate she said, “Fine. I will objectify myself ONLY because I know I look good in this mask and I have always known I am cute enough to be a part time time model.” But we know she’s really modeling for us because she is such a role model for women all over the country who want to run for office or run a campaign. Her main activities during the covid crisis revolve around community organizing. 

Words of Wisdom: I never thought I would be a partial face model but I always knew I would look badass in a facemask, because when you are protesting sometimes you gotta cover your face to avoid getting pepper sprayed. I look good while I’m doing good.

 Simon Wexler

Simon Wexler

Bike Mechanic, Meme Seeker, Joy Spreader, possible asymptomatic spreader.

The classy, suit style mask is a top seller in the weird beard crowd. This handsome fellow Simon Wexler has been mistaken for the hot doctor on Grey’s Anatomy  fun fact ,he  is actually Jessie Williams cousin! Not Jessie Williams  the actor, but Jessica  Williams a labor and delivery nurse from Paramus, New Jersey. 

Simon’s  been missing his long distance bike rides since the lock down but is looking forward to a cross country trip with his mask ON as soon as it’s safe to hit the road. 

Words of Wisdom: Got a beard? Keep it weird but cover it up buttercup!

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