Citrine and Garnet Mala


All of our traditional 108 bead malas are strung by hand, tied and constructed with high-quality gemstones.

If you are in need of sunshine, joy and positive energy in your life, then this is your mala.  Let the healing power of citrine harness the energy of the sun to bring light to all areas of your life.  It is filled with pure positive energy and can bring some optimism into your life.  I added the garnet stone because borrowing from Chinese medicine, this stone supports the flow of Chi throughout the body which can help detox negative emotions that can manifest in the physical and subtle body.  The sunstone energizes the chakras and will assist with instilling good nature and heightening your intuition so that your authentic self can shine through happily.  Each of my malas have strategically placed lava stones as they are porous and can be paired with the chakra potions for additional power and protection.  They smell divine too.




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