Boshek Original Sustainable Clothing Black Onyx Collection


The original Boshek clothing designs were designed with intention regarding all aspects from the textile choices, the manufacturer and ultimately the design choices.  The textiles were purchased from Hemp Traders which believes in engaging in free and fair trade with their suppliers, customers, and employees.  They also have strong environmental policies with a mission to help the planet by promoting hemp.

I used to be required to wear uncomfortable clothing in my career that constricted my ability to take deep belly breaths and move freely and comfortably throughout my day.  My clothing line was developed to be the complete opposite of that.  I like to call it “upscale festy” because it is the type of clothing that I would live in and maybe attend a festival in but at the same time be able to wear it to work and be comfortable doing so and look fabulous at the same time.  As women, our power center lies within our solar plexus chakra and I want access to my powerful center without feeling constricted.

Key features of the flowy pants

  • Sits low on the hips so there is no constriction around the belly
  • 3.5 inch wide elastic around the waistband so the pants move freely with you and allow you to take deep belly breaths
  • They come in one length and they are raw on the edges so you simply cut them to length…no more hemming
  • Built in belt so you can tie them as loose or tight as you like
  • Built in stash pocket on the inside of the pant
  • Slit up the side of the leg so they flow freely when walking
  • All clothing made out of organic cotton and hemp textiles
  • The more you wear them, the softer they become
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