Carnelian Mala


All of our traditional 108 bead malas are strung by hand, tied and constructed with high-quality gemstones and handcrafted 100% silk tassels.

Creative energy is the primary feel of this mala.  Each of us is born with the ability to be creative, however, some of us are more in touch with this side of ourselves.  You can use the carnelian stone to help you tap into the creative side of yourself and unleash your full potential.  This stone is associated with the fire element of passion.  I added the smoky quartz because it is the stone of power.  This mala is all about taking your power back and manifesting exactly what you dream of.  Each of my malas have strategically placed lava stones as they are porous and can be paired with the chakra potions for additional power and protection.  They smell divine too.











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