Limited Edition Festie Dress


This festie style dress was designed with everything I wanted in a festie dress but with custom dyes making each dress a piece of art. All of Boshek’s designs are made using high quality organic cotton and hemp textiles. The limited edition dresses are one of a kind and are hand dyed in a multiple step process. Boshek is focused on the mission of producing ethically made fashion. Ethically made garments are often more expensive than their fast-fashion counterparts for many reasons including…

  • Oftentimes the local ethical fashion brand from which you’re hoping to buy is run by a small number of employees. (in Boshek’s case just me 🙂
  • The textiles Boshek chooses to use are very high quality, ethically sourced and cost more than most mass produced textiles
  • Slow fashion brands are often produced as made-to-order rather than mass produced in industrialized sewing factories
  • Next time you are considering purchasing a new piece for your collection, consider how cool it would be to not only have a one of a kind piece but also know that you will be purchasing from a small business who values people and their consumers with a mission to provide ethically made clothing of the highest quality

Features of the festie style dress

  • adjustable length with the ties that can be cinched up or left down.  The ties are made from the same material as the dress so they blend in nicely when tied on the sides
  • Cowl neck that also serves as a hood too
  • Each dress is custom dyed using fiber reactive dyes
  • Built in secret pocket that is sewn into the cowl so it hangs just below the left breast and can fit a credit card, cash, ID or whatever else you want to stash in yours

If you are in need of an XS or XL send me a message…

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