Sol Soul Solar Plexus Chakra Potion

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Sol Soul Solar Plexus Chakra Potion is a beautiful blend of the vibrant scents of cardamon, neroli, wild orange, and ylang ylang. All of our chakra oils are presented in a 10 ml roll on application bottle.  Each bottle includes tumbled stones for added beauty and energy and salts of either ylang ylang or rose and geranium. Our chakra oils were designed to be paired with our individually designed malas which have strategically placed lava beads which are porous and absorb the oils for a long lasting scent throughout the day.

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1 review for Sol Soul Solar Plexus Chakra Potion

  1. Jennifer

    First, the packaging is beautiful. From the moment you open the pretty bottle you can smell the powerful mix. When I roll it on my skin, I can actually feel the energy. I love this blend and how it centers me. I can’t wait to try the other chakra blends!

    • Melanie Moreno

      Thank you for the great review. I love making these potions and getting creative with the blends. The part I love most is that it helps people with supporting the chakras and eliminating potential blockages. 🙂

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