Yin Yang Mala


All of our traditional 108 bead malas are strung by hand, tied and constructed with high-quality gemstones and handcrafted 100% silk tassels. Malas are more than just counting devices but rather they hold sacred power that has the capacity to increase your overall soul power. Our malas, once activated and blessed, hold a divine power which is referred to as shakti. When you wear your mala and it touches your skin, it increases your soul power and provides you protection from negativity. In addition, each gemstone holds its own frequency and healing power.

In Taoism yang is the solar, masculine energy and yin energy is lunar, feminine energy. Together they epitomize the twofold and ⁠
complimentary character of the universe. The yin and yang is all about finding that balance and this mala was designed to help bring that balance within your daily life. ⁠

Let Black Onyx help balance and open the Root Chakra. Balancing the root chakra is vital to our vitality and balance of all of our other chakras as this chakra stabalizes and connects us to the earth. ⁠

Dalmation Jasper is often referred to as the stone of joy, and it has very playful, childlike vibration that can assist you in releasing anger and feelings of hurt. It can help with connecting us to our own inner child and let go of resentment of bitterness. ⁠

White Turquoise is often called the “White Buffalo” stone which aligns with broad spiritual energies and connection to the higher energies descending to earth at this moment. It is a sacred stone valued for its rarity and purity. ⁠

Moonstone is a stone of new beginnings. It is a stone of inner strrength. It is a very calming stone. ⁠

I created a custom, beaded tassel of labradorite, howlite and lava stone.⁠

*This mala is 30 inches total vs. the typical 38 inch mala. This is due to the rondelle beads used vs. all standard 8 mm round beads. It is still long enough to fit over the head.⁠

Each of my malas come with a complimentary tarot reading. Just reach out to me at 720-840-5732 if you are interested.

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