It’s Memorial Day and I hope you’re still social distancing with your masks on! 

Do you know the History of Memorial Day?

Now you do!

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If you are out and about with no mask, I’m assuming it’s because you want a big crowd at your memorial. Zing! 

But seriously, what is going on down in the Ozarks? Speaking of the Ozarks have you seen Ozark? If yes, this tweet is hilarious.

If not go watch Ozark on Netflix.  It’s worth it . 

I’m really surprised that people are being this level of wild. I still won’t even go to the grocery store. They look like they are having fun but  I wouldn’t want to be there before the pandemic if we’re keeping it real😂.

I like to keep my head above water. 

New Hunger Games Book is out! I haven’t’ read it yet because I am trying to divest from Amazon and I am not sure where else to order books locally.I’m on hold for the audio at the library but it will take 23 weeks which is a long time to wait. But if I’m spending money I would rather have the physical book. 

If you have a local shop you love please tag @Bo-shek with a picture of yourself and which character you think you are from The Hunger Games! It will be fun! That’s the kind of content I want to see on my IG feed. Not your matted up weird beard. And here’s a fun quiz if you’re bored!